Why liberals should love the 2nd Amendment

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  1. While the insults to my above post were thick and numerous, it seems no one was able to answer the question, which was not rhetorical.
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  2. Because we're not liberal pansy sheep like you, Gayfly. If supporting OUR Constitution makes us "gun nuts" and "at odds" with you or anyone else, fuck you and fuck them.
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    Leave it up to an egomaniac to quote his own post and wonder why no one wants anything to do with him.......
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  4. You guys can't connect the dots in your own posts, and you wonder why I quoted my post from the first page of this thread to remind you that it remained unanswered? Although it was insulted to no end, the question in my post did, after all, remain unanswered. You should be thankful that I tried to cut through your haze and confusion by placing the matter in front of your face and ringing a bell.
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  5. There are many things that make America great. But people like you, and the Second Amendement are not among them. People like you are a virus that impedes potential. The Second Amendment has all the present day applicability of a buggy whip but with much more serious and far reaching consequences.
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    More haughty arrogance from the former bank teller that just won't mind his own GD business.
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    It's possible the toughguy, chest-drumming of some gun owners is what turns off many. It's nonsense. Anyone can shoot a gun. The louder they crow about how tough they are, and how "pansy" others are, the more they reinforce the sense that they themselves are the insecure.

    Anyway, as to the larger argument, it's a waste of time. The guns are out there. There is no practical way to get them back, except using means that would reveal why it's important for them to be out there in the first place.

    I'm not happy with the contradiction that guns should be legal for anyone (lawful entities), if they're not crazy, and that we don't know they're crazy until they shoot up a school or restaurant. But my unease doesn't change the fact the guns are out there already.
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  8. Precisely. The problem with wide scale gun ownership is that idiots can get their hands on gund and legally own them. And not just ordinary guns, but guns on steroids. There cannot be preemptive action. Therefore, the authorities must wait until a tragedy occurs before they can act. Preventative measures currently in place are largely laughable. Why is the idiot contingent so enamored of guns? Because an idiot with a gun suddenly feels smarter, more powerful and important. Always a good combo, eh?
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    All those guns that you speak of do a good job of keeping the marxist-leftist types from subjegating the rest of us.

    Those guns are a guarantee of Freedom.
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    Tsing Tao

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