Why Labour's Brexit talks with Government are on verge of collapse

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  1. https://www.itv.com/news/2019-04-05...lks-with-government-are-on-verge-of-collapse/

    I am not sure whether it’s me or ministers who are the more naive.

    Because last night I was persuaded by Cabinet sources a breakthrough was nigh in talks to resolve the Brexit deadlock between the Government and Labour.

    But the talks are already on the verge of collapse - with each side making charges it is the other side which is negotiating in poor faith.

    Labour sources say the memorandum sent by the PM to Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon shows Theresa May has not shown the flexibility her colleagues expected.

    What has disappointed Corbyn and his Shadow Brexit Minister Keir Starmer is - they believe - the government is ruling out asking the EU to rework the Political Declaration on the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

    What the PM has proposed is a so-called wrap-around statement, that would toughen up proposed protections of workers’ rights, and would give a greater role for parliament as and when the future relationship is being negotiated, including a prior “entrenchment” process to embody whatever kind of future relationship MPs favour within the forthcoming Withdrawal and Implementation Bill.

    There is in the memorandum a nod to MPs having a vote to decide whether there should be a confirmatory referendum. But apparently it is desperately non-committal.

    Prepare for some nasty swings next week...It seems, Labor and Tory party don´t trust each other....never did! LOL!

    Could drag GBP lower, EUR lower, stock indices in UK and Europe.....
  2. schweiz


    There are two words of which the British don't know the real meaning:
    negociation and compromise.
    That's the main reason why they were never really part of the EU and had fights with all other members.
    But now the problem is that British have to negociate and make compromises with British. That's the worst thing that could happen, and it will never lead to any result as both parties want what they always want: counterparty should accept their deal (read: all for them and nothing for the other party).
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  3. lilla


    we will wait a little more and everything will be explained. although it seems to me that the EU will soon fall apart
  4. monet


    I completely agree: no idea of the meaning of these two words!
  5. Custom's Union and EU's deal is destruction of UK... The Country who has the biggest footprint in the world's history, getting reduced down to a colony by the EU, is sad.

    They lose all the benefits of being in the EU, from Financial to just about everything else that made UK great, and on top of that, they are stuck in a Custom's Union which Germany-France ( EU Shot Callers ) decide the terms... So you leave, get stripped of your valuable assets, then get reduced to being a colony by not being able to produce your own trade agreements, France decides them now. UK's only way of survival is Cancel Brexit or No Deal

    Custom Union's and May's deal borderlines Treason, it's absolutely insane there's actually a good portion of MP's who clearly understand EU's Deal ( May's Deal ) and want it... It's madness

    The best thing economically is a second referendum and pray stay wins... But if they decide to respect democracy, WTO Brexit ( No Deal ) is the only option, I am shocked May is pushing this hard to turn her own country into a colony, No deal has to win or else UK will gradually fade into the next Italy over a period of time
  6. schweiz


    That referendum was in 2016, we are now in 2019. Democracy means that people can give there opinion again. We are a few years later and most people got smarter and learned about the lies.
    Or is democracy refusing a referendum because there was already one before? For me that smells like dictatorship. So once something is decided it is forever?

    No matter what the outcome will be, there has been done a lot of permanent damage to the UK.
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  7. IamaMars


    I agree with Lilla, with all things going on in the world EU will fall apart, just see how many things happening inside and think who is really profitable cause of that set of European countries called union, you may think it's good for trading, but maybe it's not ? How did we live before that ? I mean after Europe wars already. It's something else here, time will tell
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    The only party that profits no matter what is Kremlin here.
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  9. schweiz