Why Kids Should Not Watch Tv (documentary)

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  1. Nothing new there, the devil has been the god [small g] of this world for thousands of years...
  2. devil is powerful because we let him

    the key is in our hands
  3. Actually the devil rules at all levels. He gets individuals to believe lies and he rules them to some extent. He gets individuals to aggregate under the belief system of bigger lies and to try to dominate the world... he's not to be trifled with really.

    On the individual level, the doctor wrote the prescription at the end of the book of James. It says to get together regularly and confess weaknesses one to the other and be healed. The weaknesses are the lies we believe.

    No church does that. Some do a form of it.. Catholics confess... Protestants get together... none of them do just what the doctor wrote on the scrip... I know some people that do that on their own, and I will guarantee that they are all in trouble with their churches, it happened to me... I tried to tell church people to join us and get free of the lies and they turned on me with some pretty vicious stuff.... none of them ever came to actually see what was up, they just dug into their little church personas [put there by lies from the devil] and came up with reasons that we had to be wrong in doing something that is plain in the Bible... I got used to the delusional nature of people after that, deluded they are, deluded they will remain, same as if a doctor gave them a prescription for a pill to cure delusion and they just refused to go the pharmacy and fill the scrip...

    High level elite people with their plan to take over the world are similarly deluded, and similarly have no desire to not be deluded. That places them on an absolute collision course with Jesus. The Bible even talks about the situation after Jesus returns and takes command of the Earth... Egypt has to be threatened with no rain if they won't go and worship in Israel once a year, for example... the delusions can't be shattered by the horrible conditions described in Revelation before Jesus returns.. it's just a very powerful thing. Well really, it's only power lies in keeping people from filling the prescription...
  4. stone age superstition.