Why keep on saying trading is business?

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  1. Why always trying to make this ideal seem viable, why do "they" keep on doing this? What do "they" want?
  2. I never understand anything you write.
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    Ha ha ha ha!! He's not the only one I can't understand!

  4. Who is "they" ?
  5. and Harry too. Atleast this one keeps it simple and short.
  6. Are u talking about Mr. Copy & paste? and his brother is
    called Candletrader


    Your signature...."First a rush... Don't understand why. What is it? What is the reason? ....at last completely out of control."

    "Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without."

    "Rome was not built in one day but destoryed in one day or a few." -- John

    "If S.E.C does not punish the scam players, we do. NO MORE OPTIONS." -- John

    I quote your signature as well...I read much pessimism in your keystrokes. NMO, I have always looked at trading as a business (for those of us who need its income to survive).

    Trading for a living and running a business have many parallel ideals. Neither can be done with a higher degree of success, if the following aren't present:

    - a plan
    - determination and discipline to follow the plan
    - ample capital and the prudent management of it
    - ability to stop, review and revise your plan
    - choosing the right products and vendors
    - and so on

    While your question was open ended and quite loaded, I have met THOUSANDS of traders who have exuded a similar pessimism. Most of them did not recover from their pessimism and unfortunately succumbed to and became the statistics that the industry naysayers have used as their mantra.

    Every so often I post articles here on ET. The objective of the threads is to stimulate and improve a fellow trader's approach. I believe there are several of them that will help empower you.

    Here is what I learned after trading for 14 years, and running a business for the last year. The best markets and opportunities will be worthless unless you "reseat" your outlook on what it is that you so dearly want to work for you.
  8. "They" are inside. Never ideal but idealistic. The truth comes from within.

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    "They are in pain"
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