Why just there are NOT many female traders?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Maybe women get too emotional due to hormone fluctuations?

    Maybe they lack the decisiveness that testosterone provides (so they don't wait for that "perfect" setup, that never comes).
  2. I don't think it has to do with emotional fluctuations or anything like that. Even if it did, I generally find women to have a greater sense of emotional control when it comes to taking financial risk. Regardless, trading is a logic game, and I have met some very, very intelligent females.

    If anything, I would imagine it to be that most females are not placed into a social situation that causes them to develop an interesting in something like trading. How many women do you know with a an interest in technology, math, economics, and business? Even men with interests in those fields don't necessarily trade.
  3. They say male traders can be to aggressive sometimes, and a women will be more patience and wait for that good set up. Nothing wrong with that....There is a reason that SAC made their top male traders take Estrogen hormones pills

  4. haha.

    A friend of mine had to write a paper for his "womens studies" class- The final paper is due and he needed an idea, so to save his ass I said write a paper on woman investors. I found some literature with statistical studies, and on average they did better. But remember, all the outliers on the upside were men.

    EMC Capital in Chicago, a trend follower is run by Liz Cheval, a woman. She was a Turtle.

    There is a fund run by Anne Dias of Chicago, Ken Griffen of Citadel fame's wife.

    I think the v.p at Moore Capital or Tudor Investments is a woman - can't remember which one.

    All the good trading psychologists are woman- tradingpsyche.com, adrienne Toghraie, and Ruth Roosevelt.

    Aside from trading and the sexes- the main thing why people aren't successful is there attitude about money. We concluded that it was womans attitude about money that was a factor in their ability to trade, but this is hard to examine, given that so many people have a bad attitude about money in general.

    But needless to say the whole paper had to be warped and molded into the feminist diatribes and nothing relevant was ever fully examined or concluded on.
  5. the glass ceiling
  6. Xuanxue


    I tend to think that WIMINZ if they had the inclination wouldn't at all have difficulty overrunning the field of predominately men traders who fail at even remedial English differentiating woman and women.

    It's called misogyny, the hatred and fear of women -- pointing to latent or repressed homosexual tendencies.

  7. Its much easier to marry a rich trader than become one.
  8. There you go.

    Nobody in their right mind except men would pursue trading.
  9. Probably the best answer on the thread ... with no negative connotations associated with it.
  10. I often thought what questions I would ask if I sat next to a successful trader on a plane.

    Only one comes to mind.

    "Would you put me in your will?"
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