Why its so hard to collect my money back?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by inktrader, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. I was with a famous shop located in canada few months ago.

    After trading couples months, I dropped out of them.
    I didnt lose any penny so that I dont owe them a penny.
    Then I asked them to return my capital input of 10K.
    They said OK and would do it right away.

    Unfortunately, as far as going, I dont have my money back.
    Im feeling pissed off...

    They want your business and urged you to wire deposit as soon as you could. Once you leave, it takes time to collect money back.

  2. Because they used it to give someone else intraday margin.....
  3. care to pm me the name of this prop shop. I've been looking at some Canadian prop firms and perhaps you can save me from the same fate.
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    Why don't you put the name up and save others from the same fate? You are not doing anything wrong or unethical by doing this.
  5. How long has it been since you asked for your money back?
  6. are they supposed to give something back? is this an LLC?
  7. That is really sucks
    When i had left my prop firm they told me that this day they will pay me and they payed me and i was really happy
    Forget about trading at a prop firm u also have to worry to get your deposit back and what kind of reputation they have ( like jerking you off when they will pay you
  8. tell them you will plaster their name all over the net, AND you will get your money back anyway.

    so pay now , or pay later and lose your rep.
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    you need to tell us who it is inktrader alot of the people in this bussiness are crooks . Not being able to get your money back is routine ,waiting six months or fighting to get anything back at all is very much a possibility .Changing their name to screw their traders is also common.Its not about catering to traders its about profiting from every ticket and getting there money . The house wins .....if they are winning every trade they are the house they figured that out long ago , so tell us who and start raising hell inktrader!
  10. tell us the name. I don't know how they can want you deposit 10k so much. In Canada, there are so many prop firm don't require your deposit like title and swift.
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