Why It Is So Hard to Live in the Present

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by dealmaker, Mar 26, 2018.

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    Dogs don't plan well, but everyone loves to say, "Look at that dog! HE lives in the present!"

    Call it Darwin, call it Situational Awareness, call it P.T.S.D. -- but the stress of living in the answer to "Why it it so hard to live in the present."

    We don't enjoy these fears, particularly. But, on a whole, they *do* keep us alive (more than they tend to/might hurt us).....
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    Thats why God made Tennessee Whiskey, Bubba Kush, campfires, and 6 string guitars.
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    For men it is hard to live in the present because we spend so much time thinking about sex and money and status
    Which are biological needs, sex for reproduction and money for resources to stop us starving to death and also for attracting the most fertile (hottest) females
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    This video is from "The School of Life". They used to make good videos that had good informative value. But lately they have been sucking a bit like every other youtube channels out there. It's hard making a living on youtube it seems. There are only a finite amount of interesting subject to make video about. Then you are left making crappy videos just to "survive".
  6. To become an ET, extraterrestrial trader,...you need to Free Your Mind, as Laurence Fishburne/Morpheus would say in 1999. :cool:

    And that Matrix movie wisdom could essentially apply and be very useful to alot of aspects in life.
    We as humans, for most of us, are hugely restricted and limited by a combination of variables and factors. Most of which are simply held down by our own beliefs and mindsets.

    But more importantly, it's 2018...Make Trading and Your Life Great Again...High-Five` o_O

    I need a double espresso -- and pour some champagne in there, or white wine.
    I've always wanted to try Steak Tartare, after seeing Bud Fox eat it in Wall Street.
    And Escargot too, after hearing about it mentioned in Trading Places.

    Handle, East Texas,...did you make a Killing in the Shock market today,
    Making Moves, playa. Tame, and profit off of, Miss Bitchy Market. -- it's a beautiful thing.
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    Actually, there is no present, it is the future of time that is not here and there is the past that flew by. So if you living in the present, you actually living in the past.
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    I actually don't have any idea, spent half day at dentist and other half with ice and now catching up with emails, what the markets do, go up/down and when you see it, it has to be the past. I heard Bitcoin having tough time still it debut at CME? I wonder if bitcoin going to turn into a pet rock?

    I been doing more thinking than back testing lately, all that counts is lows of bars, lows going higher, lows going lower, lows going sideways. The highs deal with the future and hope, the lows are more of reality and fear. would you agree?
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    Even though the mind is where we make our home we are not made up of our thoughts. Once you let your thoughts flow through you then you will be in the present. Just like you let a thought of a bird on a tree flow through you with ease, the same ease of flow should be made for those thoughts we call triggers. Yes its like working out everyday. Hacking the environment around you should and will make this an easier exercise, just like training for a marathon it can be accomplished.
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    Because our attachments steer our mind away from the present.
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