Why isn't the Dollar Flying?

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  1. Isn't it meant to be the currency of choice for the flight to safety. Why is it on the lows, given what occurred in Japan and Libya etc? Very very strange and bizarre. Is anyone of the opinion that the Dollar will become worthless in years and if so what are you converting your dollars into .... Gold?
  2. The US government wants the USD low to boost exports.

    All currencies are worthless. The dollar will go down last.
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    Simple fundamentals: the US printed too much paper money - more than any other country.
    Also the US is not able to pay back its debts with income tax revenues.
    Except for technical support and resistance levels, there is no sound reason why the USD should rise.

    The USD could be the first currency to go down, not the last.

    Best case scenario: US becomes like Japan after the asian crisis.
  4. Wet dreams...
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    Imagine were the USD would be now if there wasn't a flight to safety ! That in itself is more than telling enough.
  6. So what are you doing with your dollars now? I presume you all trade US markets or commodities or FX which are mostly done in USD. It's a trade in itself, if the Dollar index drops 15% that's like you losing 15% on a trade. What are you changing into?
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    No I live in Europe and have my fx-account in euro's. So no problem for me there.
    I just day-trade and don't plan on doing any overnights in the future. Did that in the past and came to hate it as it brings tons of stress to me; leading to bad sleeping and making errors in my daytrading. To me going overnight feels like gambling. I learned this the hard way. Know who you are and trade accordingly was the lesson for me ...
  8. No, it is bizzare that you think the safety of the world is threatened by the situation in Libya or Japan. Only a major conflict between superpowers would cause flight to the dollar. This term was invented back in the days of cold war. The dollar lost its safe-heaven status when communism collapsed because no safe-haven is needed any longer.
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    Very good point