Why isn't Madoff committing suicide, he lost the MOST

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  1. some people who lost money in Madoff's fund are killing themselves

    why isn't Madoff offing himself ????

    maybe because he is looking forward to writing a book :mad:
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    I think Madoff is likely has a sociopathic personality, which makes him unable to feel anything related to the pain and loss he has caused other people. He will only be able to feel the pain of being caught, and even on reflection of that he likely thinks he is smarter then anyone else and will be able to someone get away with it. If he does eventually come to the realization that he cant, then he may kill himself, but not until that point. And if he does it will not have anything to do with what he has done to other people.
  3. he's too busy planning his run

    look at the smirks this guy is giving reporters
  4. He problly has a billion stashed in Switzerland. Why would he commit suicide?

    Besides, suicide is such a WASPy thing to do.
  5. LOL
  6. if madoff was to screw over some hardcore russian investor

    he would be dead now

    those guys are very barbaric when it comes to money
  7. You're spot-on with his personality description ... but I don't think he has enough guts to kills himself.

    Also, the way his son and the son's so-called soon to be divorced wife were seen shopping in NYC (Village), he obviously isn't the only sociopath in the family! :eek: :p

    P.S. Not for noth'in, these guys also have a shit load of smarmy charisma.
  8. http://www.nypost.com/seven/12222008/photos/news005e.jpg
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    how about women?
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