Why isn't it yet a GMO wheat ?

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  1. Monsanto is only annoncing the start of their konkest of the Wheat market... why only now ?

    Don't you know why ?


    This is one of the most horrific story of the failure of the Gov of the USA to stop some of the most dangerous terrorist on Earth.

    So yes... why is there Corn, Soybeans, and all the "Oil"seed... and not Wheat ?

    Only by asking the question you know the answer...

    What's your point of view ? Why is this ?
  2. ohh and by protecting terrorists you become one... this a key principle of the Axis of Evil...

  3. yeah Monsanto is evil, I didn't know they were behind agent orange and PCB's (and dioxin) as well ? Is that true ?
    Agent orange was one of the most evil war tactics used by the US, I don't understand how this was even possible to use such tactics in a civilized society.
  4. Wars cannot be won if the rules of civilized societies are consistently applied.

  5. I think it answer your point clearly...

    But not mine... Why not Wheat ?

    One hint... human error ... ^^
  6. Thank you...

    Here are the roots of all that ( there is no words for this ... only shadow, but even it is only a modest reflection on something that can't reflect... ) will come to the "Guardians" ( and all of those who help this )... I think it's too late... ( I would hope to be proved wrong... Can people change ? ) :

    The weakness is the heart... the price will be on it.

    This is my favorite part... it's how the market is, it's how life is... those opposed to this will ... not ^^

    ahahhahaha ...

    The PATENT WAR IS INEVITABLE... Americans... why are you sooooo stupids...

    Again thank you for this article... !!!
  7. But it still doesn't answer to the question :

    Why no GMO WHEAT ?
  8. Would they have done what they did if they knew what you did with their legacy ?

    Ohh and if you don't know who is this Omar... goog the name + wiki...