Why isn't Gold limit up with fed move?

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  1. I don't understand, Gold should be @ 1200 on no time. Right now it looks weak.
  2. google "priced in."
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    because the concept of 'precious metal' will be a thing of history eventually.

    When I hear people on Radio push gold to the public every day, you know the end is near... who is left to be the greater fool?

    from industrial use standpoint, gold is about as valuable as copper, which is $3 a pound.
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    And your paper bills are worth about the same as toilet paper.
  5. LOL,
    I'll take the gold over the T.P.
    any day.:eek:
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    The usd had the kitchen sink thrown at it last week...and it ended up. I used to be a gold permabull. Now I just let the market tell me what its going to do.:confused:
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  8. From here on in its not so much a USD story. Most central banks are considering rate cuts, so theres a good chance USD index will tread water between 74-78. But ALL currencies will devalue against gold. If people don't accept the value of gold, do they accept the logic of cutting down a tree worth a few thousand dollars, putting green ink on it and calling it a few million dollars? Don't let the previous scars cloud your judgement.
  9. Oh and if you really let the market tell you what to do you would have been long gold for a long time
  10. It's obvious that you've never tried to wipe you butt with a Kruggerand!!
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