Why isn't big timer COX fired!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by tradersboredom, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Who hired this retard?
    Who is going to fire him?

    You know what fire the entire management team and clean house.
  2. The same guy that hired Donald Rumsfeld and Michael Chertoff.
  3. Don't be so ignorant, Cox and his buddies have been doing an excellent job protecting the cronies while they rob the world.

    Are you still sitting there believing that the SEC is dedicated to catching the real criminals? haha like Martha Stewart and Mark Cuban??

  4. Lucrum


    Better yet, shut the whole SEC down.

    Do they actually do anything anyway?
  5. I mean really, I figured this out within a year once I had to actually deal with SEC by paying their excessive fees and then taking notice of how they spend them while noting blatant insider trading by the specialists. Read "Wall Street Jungle" on a reccomendation, it documents the croneyism with detail.
  6. You're 100% right, and I voted for the son of a bitch twice.

    I respect him for keeping us safe; but this disaster makes us even.
  7. It really depends on how you DEFINE the word safe.
    I'd say that he's totally f-'d us beyond repair.
    You think it's safe for our security to have a national debt of $11 TRILLION, half of which is owned by the Chinese via treasuries?

    But hey, don't worry.
    VP Cheney just admitted in an interview the other day with an ABC news reporter that we would have invaded IRAQ anyway ( even if the intelligence had been "accurate" and that no WMD existed ) because IRAQ had the technological capability of producing WMD in the future.

    With that kind of logic, I'm amazed that we haven't invaded Denmark yet.
    Back to the ranch, Dumbya.
    Take Dick with you too!