Why isn't anyone discussing what is going on?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NTB, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. NTB


    Markets are off huge in Japan for last 2 days. S&P down more than 13 overnight. Haven't seen this in a really, really long time. Something serious is happening, more than just another day. Thoughts
  2. Because the nutcase rubberbird is using all of his alias's posting to his own bullshit thread...if you want to know all of his user names, just look at the last 2 pages from today

    Shame on Baron for allowing Rubberbirds charade to go on once again!

    You are finding out that the REAL traders here are under a half dozen!
  3. Whats there to discuss

    same shit different day.

    Down this week, Up next week, Down this week, Up next week.
    Up two weeks, Down week after.

    YHOO INTC after rallying for 12 months to 10%
    dropped back to 0% in 3 days

    Whats there to discuss?

    Bunch of retard investors getting owned.
    Traders yelling out "sky is falling sky is falling"
    Once thats yelled out we rally another 200 points
    Traders then yell out "we are now in a bull market"


    Just going with the flow :D

    Don't need any reason for movements, Whatever comes, comes.
  4. This looks bad if you are long.... i wont argue that. But, look at the weekly and monthly charts of YM.... no damage at all.

    I would not go short at this point.....
  5. NTB


    This feels like more than your average run of the mill move. My crash senses are tingling although it's a fools game to predict that. I'm selling all the way down though, move feels real.
  6. When a subject is important few people participate. Ask for solutions for isnomnia and you'll find a thousand replies.

    Billions and Billions in foreign investment have flown to Japan in the last years, billions that come from deep pockets, so maybe they won't let this crisis last for much longer.

    The Yen remains cheap so that will keep boosting Jap exports.

    These panics have always provided good opportunities to make money.
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    Absolutely nothing serious is happening. S&P emini pearced 1300. So now it has to sell off to some higher low by March, and then make a new high later on. It's bringing the big contract with it, and all the stocks are following. Just momentum. That's it. If something serious is happening, we would all be talking about it.
  8. I simply don't see the downside here. I'll get long on Wednesday morning if we don't form a outside bull tomorrow, which is pretty unlikely considering the news AH.
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    I don't see it either. Usually market crashes don't happen on missed earnings. LOL. The market is not that myopic. The hardest thing to do will be to buy tomorrow and that's probably where the money is to be made here. But we will probably see some ugly selling the first half of the day.
  10. Some of us are busy going long to sell to the shorts tomorrow.
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