Why is volume so low?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sub0, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Any ideas? :confused:
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    For example BAC has average daily volume of 251,280,000.

    20 minutes before the close 67,462,651 shares have traded. That's around 26% of the daily average. Maybe around 30% on close.
  3. GOOD that means these shitty stocks like C BAC are sucking up less volume, mebeb stuff wills tart coming back in the other stocks
  4. The market has been a disaster since april.
  5. Columbus day on Monday, I guess some peeps taking Mondy off and going home early on Fridays. Volume really low in some of my mid-caps, keeping my fingers crossed I get enough volume into the close to get these trades fully filled.
  6. HFT, baby. The servers are a-gunnin' for 'em while the humans are out for fear this can't last.
  7. could be.
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    semi holiday for obama receiving noble peace prize.
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    Volume has been down for weeks....

    It has nothing to do with columbus day...
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    Yeah I know, so what do you think it is?
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