Why is trading not 24/7?

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  1. Its all computerized so why not?
  2. I don't want 24/7.

    As a matter of fact, I only care the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes. I wish the market trades only one hour a day. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon.

    That's it. There is really no need to trade 6.5 hours a day.
  3. it already is 24/7
  4. No one says you have to. you don't have to fire up your trading software if you do not wish to trade.

    But it makes no sense that in the US trading is not 24/7 with all the technology now involved that would permit it

  5. why don't you concentrate on improving your strategy(s), and thus being more profitable instead of asking retarded, non important questions?
  6. I only trade once a a month (expiration fridays) sometimes monday also after expiration friday.
    with the occasional extra trade during the month.

    I have free time the rest of the month.
  7. the broker industry does not want to work 24/7

    the forex broker Oanda's platform can be traded 24/7/365 though they don't have
    the office staffed during the weekend. earliest I've seen trades go thru is a Saturday
    morning when the first Greek debt financing was announced the next day - Sunday
    also, the fx market doesn't close for the various national holidays but some brokers
    may close, while others remain open
  8. There isn't a demand for it. People/traders don't want to work 24/7. Besides, the futures and FX are 23.45/5.5 anyway, and i trade those almost all hours with automation. I wouldn't want the weekends to be open, i need the rest, and to maintain my systems, etc.
  9. What he said.
    Weekends excepted, but otherwise, for futures of all sorts and for spot gold and other pm's. (mosey over to Kitco or some other sites)
    I trade 24/7. With help, of course.
  10. Yep, the co located vermin are at it day and night
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