why is thread Views total is always greater than Attachment views ?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Wallace, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. as a TA/chartist i want to see the chart, although the question applies to any type of
    attachment not just charts, but some of my threads which are posted primarily for the
    chart that's attached have Much lower views than the total thread views, notwithstanding
    return viewers, and it's the same for other members' threads

    talking with other members we know that 'left brainers' don't get TA which based on View
    totals means - theoretically at least that there's a Lot more people who aren't chartists/TAers
    but it still surprises me that so few want to see the chart/attachment

    don't know the answer/s - if any have much relevance to anything, just curious
  2. Personally, I'll view a thread. If I am not familiar with the poster I wont click on any attachment. Also, sometimes the thread title is misunderstood or misinterpreted- different subject from what viewers expected.
  3. Johno


    Or, perhaps many are like myself, who do in fact get TA and are therefore not interested as we realize that we're just setting ourselves up for some more of the same old, same old.


  4. I have a lot of experience with this particular topic.

    First of all, there's many variables involved and I'll touch on a few important ones.

    #1 - The type of attachment being posted will impact its view/click rate. For example, traders are less likely to click on .pdf attachment in comparison to an image attachment (.jpg, .png, .gif) for security reasons and limitations of the computer they're using (e.g. desktop, blackberry, work computer that doesn't allow opening of specific file types outside the network security et cetera).

    #2 - Threads at many forums are setup by default to take traders to the first message post instead of the last message post will almost ALWAYS have thread views higher than attachment views due to the fact traders will determine in the first few message posts if they should continue reading the thread and go to the most recent (last) message posts.

    Simply, threads with big views in comparison to the attachment views is a thread that's losing it's readers.

    #3 - Major search engines are visiting/caching the thread and they increase the views of thread a lot while not clicking sort'uv speak on the attachments.

    #4 - Attachments with titles similar to the thread title/subject will get more clicks than attachments with titles that have nothing to do with the thread title/subject. For example, if I start a thread called "Volume Spread Analysis of Emini ES" and I post the following two attachments called "volume_spread_analysis_021009_Emini_ES.png" and "trade_today.png

    The volume_spread_analysis_021009_Emini_ES.png will get more hits along with increasing the overall ranking of the thread itself in comparison to the other .png attachment.