Why is this thread deserving of chit chat?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by blowingup2012, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=241412

    I made an awesome call on shorting Apple and you move it to chit-chat? I know a few known ET trollish characters added their feedback to the thread, but since when do known ET trolls get their say on what is moved to chit chat.

    At least give me some props. I made a good call for once which few here are brave enough to do or can accomplish. Towards the end of the thread, a few guys are even giving me props for making a good call.

    Maybe I made a call which went against one of the moderators positions. Maybe he longed AAPL after the earnings call and my thread was stepping on his toes. Look, a message thread isnt going to manipulate the price of AAPL.

    Now I guess this thread will be hit by the ET trollish regulars accusing me of this and that. Im ready for ya.
  2. blowingup2012,

    I do not know why your thread was moved...but I would like to ask why you place such an advesarial comment in your feedback (snippet in bold below)?

    I suppose you would prefer that ET has no moderation at all. I would like for you to really think about what ET would be without moderation. We could call it EliteYahoo.

    anyways...I can assure you there was probably a good reason for the move and I stand behind every action that one of our team thinks is necessary.

    Many of you think that moderation is to edit content. I personally do not moderate content (other than breach of conduct rules)....but when a thread escalates to be so off-topic that it loses its place in its sub-forum then it is moved to a more suitable sub-forum. I suspect that this is the case and the moderator did the appropriate thing.

    Maybe I made a call which went against one of the moderators positions.
  3. Lucrum


    Well I suppose one out of a hundred isn't too bad
    Maybe the mods are reading your PM's again. LOL

    Say that reminds me, how about those trading tickets you promised? After accusing everyone else of not providing them.
  4. I had replied to a short call thread on AAPL and I don't know if it was the subject thread or not. But that comment was not there the next day.

    Interestingly I was of the same opinion as the OP as he was subjected to personal attacks from others.

    My reasons for supporting the short were because FoxConn was promising higher wages and AAPL was announcing a dividend; it's impossible to have the same earnings when cost of goods to be sold increases.

    Good call on AAPL OP. I hope you rake in the big bucks on it!
  5. KastyG


    nobody can predict where's AAPL going to end up..day to day..NO BODY (whothehellyouthinkyouare?)god bless your luck..once..or twicethat's why you have been demoted to chit/chay