Why Is This Not A Felony? The Banker Authorizing This Should Go To Jail

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    The owners of a modest home near Twentynine Palms lost their cherished possessions after a bank mistakenly foreclosed their residence.

    A crew broke into Alvin and Pat Tjosaas’ desert home and took everything after being directed by Wells Fargo to secure the structure.

    The couple, however, didn’t have a mortgage on the home.

    Alvin said the deputy sheriff said, “Good news, we know who took (your possessions)…Wells Fargo. Bad news, your stuff is all gone.”

    All the married couple has now are three generations of memories.

  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Lots of bankers should have gone to jail. That's why I voted for change. Just didn't get it. The joke was on me.

    Corzine is still running around free as a bird. And that's just the most blatant example. Nah, Obama aint interested in justice, my friend. You'll see no Holder phone calls to Wells Fargo, either.
  3. You and me both brother, you and me both. This is my biggest beef with Obama. I thought this guy will get some justice. Heads will roll...and nothing. I mean NOTHING! I swear to God a republican would have had to throw some of these bastards in jail just because the media would have hounded him no end until he did. Obama? Lot's of lip service and rhetoric, but zilch on action. This from the man and the party that supposedly stands for the working man. Sheeeeet! They better ask him to explain this in the debates, and if Romney doesn't make an issue of it he's a putz and a fool.
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    I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. His handlers will most likely be afraid of the racist title the MSM and other dem operatives will give him if he gets aggressive...well, about anything.
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    I just hope these poor folks see a lot more justice than just a check to replace their furniture, etc.
  6. Lucrum


    Justice in this case would be a public flogging.
  7. wjk


    When politicians or ex-politicians are involved, tar and feathers comes to mind. A healthy prison term would suffice, however.
  8. At some point, any rational person throws up his hands and says "neither the left nor the right will fix this". I think these past four years were the breaking point for alot of otherwise concerned voters/citizens. O ran the entire campaign on "fixing the broken system", and one can easily argue it's more broken than ever before.
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    Absolutely GD <s>right</s> correct.

  10. Tsingy baby, I got to agree with you.

    (In the instance of the Wells Fargo erroneous foreclosure, that's a civil matter, not criminal.)

    Heads should roll at Corzine's old firm. And clearing Goldman Sachs last month on the Abacus deal was pure election year politics. Obama doesn't have the stomach or heft to take on the big banks. And I don't think Romney would either. Those are his brothers in arms.

    If a Liberal republican emerged, not beholden to the far right, I would be happy to consifder voting for him or her. Someone who is progressive on social issues, is not against Roe V Wade, can help promote business and the safe exploitation of natural resources, can address the war on drugs sensibly, and run with this agenda with utter confidence and fearlessness, has the personal resources to send K street packing, and has the experience of executive administration with a panoply of constituencies. There's only one republican who fits the bill, and he'll never get elected President: Michael Bloomberg.

    Romney, however, is a chameleon. He did good things as Gov
    of Mass, enacting the healthcare program, and closing egregious tax loopholes to help balance the budget. He was in sync with the prevailing cultural of MA. Now, he is opposed to all the things he did and stood for as Governor. You have to wonder, what kind of President would he be.

    pspr and Lucrum, that's your cue to slime Obama. Guys, I wonder, if your kid says to you, "What time is it Daddy?"Do you answer, "Time to get Odumbo out of office!"
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