Why is this... MMORPG,CS,WC3 vs CME&co

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  1. Hi,

    I got my fist pc in 1996. I started to finance the growth of my Internet provider in the 1998... ISDN, ADSL etc...

    The second my father arrives at home with the Isdn modem I was trying to make it work to play online. Since then I played a lot of game Cs, Wc3, redalert 2, mankind all online!

    My point is that I never experienced such trouble as during trading!!! NEVER had a game crashed just before I could enter a big move, never the Order Entry System has had problem, never I had more lag just before making a great Head Shot, no freezing screen... I know that you had the same problem...

    EX :

    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=170785 ( 07-21-09 11:03 PM ) ( look at an ES chart for the week )

    "Since yesterday they seem to be having some noticeable slowness. I can't get much out of them"

    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=154281 ( 02-18-09 07:39 PM )

    "Their software constantly locks up with spinning wheels during busy times in the market. Of course this is always during a critical moment when the market is moving"

    If you argue with me is because you work at pro lvl. If you try going retail with the main providers, the services they provide will not even be considered a beta in the gaming world.

    So that leads to my question. WHY an industry who could reach true excellence isn't doing it ? What's is strange in my own experience is only when there are great market opportunity that it start to go down, WHY???

    1. Server capacity ? too small to handle volume spikes ( cost reduction )
    2. Cheap Exchange Connection ( from the order server to the exchange ) ( cost reduction )
    3. Buying power ( I love this one ), you are a "shop" you need buying power, hop shut down everyone and trade with their money ;)
    4. Speed access ( in combo ) you are a "shop", cut everyone down, gain access to your full bandwith ;) miam miam fast !
    5. Hedging, if your "shop" need to hedge against the customers ( 99% fails ) bet however your are always right ( yeah buddy, there are people who can see patern ), it's bad for the shop...
    6. This one is huge ;) Because the true leader of this world are afraid of the nature of the people who can handle the market well. As they are going to be overpowerfull in no time they will become sooner or later a treath to them or the children as they know they aren't as competitive as the people starting to climb. STOP THEM. And worst as they are going to do money with the market, they are free in their mind and soul. What is more dangerous for a true modern leader than human !
    7. This people are the worst of the IT industry because everyone who know how to code work or the gaming industry or the "dark side"...

    After this laughing part lets continue but please if you have some creativity use it to complete the hypothetical list... I am sure that when you push a human being to far he some how can see the truth.

    And as is said : HF
  2. “There is no reply to the ignorant like keeping silence”...