Why is this market so dead? Have you all gone broke?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by clearinghouse, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Just kidding about the broke part. But seriously, why is volume in a death spiral? Are you guys hiding your cash under your mattresses?

    We had a few good news driven days and now the market barely has a pulse.
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  3. Last 2 trading days have sucked IMO
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    Tsing Tao

    The Fed has killed the market for many.
  5. since we know that being short volatility cannot be the holy grail, then things need to pick up eventually. :cool:
  6. I had a modest Friday and a decent Thursday. Today is just spinning my wheels and going nowhere. I reduced bet sizes across the board, but hardly anything is ticking on my screen.
  7. Well we are always waiting for something, for ECB, for FED, for Bundesbank,etc. The only thing we should be waiting for is Obama getting the hell out so that real capitalism can return.
  8. Thought experiment:

    The Market's job is to make transactions.

    It does this by moving price up and down in order to find where it can clear.

    When The State forces price level to stay in one place, what would be the result?

  9. HFT has put the large majority of human traders out of business and collapsed the volume for the remaining guys.
  10. 3 volatile days in a row = everything is normal

    3 tight range days in a row = market is dead forever.

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