Why is this market going higher??

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  1. frigging oil is about to explode, the stupid fed can not stop raising rates, all indicators warning rising inflation. But the market is moving higher with a hurricane headed our way. How phoney is this rally? Oh dont tell me Time warner sparks a rally hahaha.
  2. I still make money, volume on YM has been super light on these up days, and most of the gains come overnight. Its such a scam its starting to make me ill.
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    1. Since when has the market been spooked by higher oil?

    2. Yields have come in by 10-20 basis points across the board in the past week. If Bond traders aren't worried about inflation why would equity traders care?

    3. Hurricane? Grow up. It's hurricane season. Hurricanes are hardly "black swan" events. The media will be exaggerating each hurricane for the next two months. If Katrina couldn't break the market no other hurricane will either.

    4. Time-Warner didn't spark the rally, short covering that spilled over from yesterday did. You've got to be nimble and VERY flexible to trade this stuff. Hell I'm bearish but the tape starting screaming buy yesterday afternoon when those early morning lows kept holding. If this stuff was bearish ES would have made new lows late. It didn't happen. Why? Because there's TOO MANY shorts.
  4. and those shorts will be rewarded by end of August I think. I'm personally off the equities and trading nat gas and bonds but I certainly think it wouldn't be a bad idea to start shorting the ES and YM at these levels.

    My indicators are showing a topping formation and price exhaustion.
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    Each day you show your lack of knowledge about the markets. It absolutely amazes me to know people like you actually trade:eek:
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    Don't think so much ! Just trade where ever it goes !

  7. Everyday I make more money than you have in your trading account. Misers dont make good traders. Now go order some water with lemon hahahahaha.
  8. Every thread you start is about this..man your frustration is so thick ..I'd swear you were in my house...

    With all those negatives, the market is still going up..it's talking loudly so far, and you are not listening.

    You remind me of a friend back in 03, who was short ebay, amzn, rimm, etc..he's make such a case for shorting them, but was off by about 2-3 years. He's a salesman now.
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    IMO the 4th quarter will be a disaster.
  10. I have been trading all morning, so shut the Freak up. I am up for the day, how about you smart a&&.
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