Why is this journalist picking stocks?

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  1. Why is this journalist picking stocks?


    A few years ago there was a journalist who had written something similiar, picking stocks, etc (msn money, if I recall). For some reason he started getting dozens of e mails regarding his picks, basically all of them were trashing the poor guy. It got so bad he even wrote a column that he didn't actually expect anyone to take his advice and said so in a column. It was the funniest thing. I even wrote him an e mail asking him what was the point. Never got a reply.:D
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    is that cramer's action alerts portfolio - you know, his charitable trust, the one he always refers people to when he says "wrong company in the sector, dump it and buy THIS stock" - is down HUGE this year, it's DOWN since its inception, and for that privilege, people only had to pay <b>$350 </b> per year.

    to get his picks.

    which underperformed *cash*. down 15% (over the past 6 years) as of 3 weeks ago, and i'm sure it's down a bit more in the last 3 weeks.


    here's what cramer is now: a writer. an entertainer. an entrepreneur. a host of a tv program . and a <b> failed</B> long-term trader.
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