Why is there so much contempt on these boards?

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  1. Seems to be getting worse.

    Some of you are really disgusting people . Really!

    I see some people with 5k+ posts being nasty to new posters for little to no reason except establishing their position in the hierarchy of these forum boards.

    Hello people! This is a trading forum! Your place power here is about worth as much as it is in world of warcraft!
    Stop being to spitefull and petty to other people. Its sad to see.
  2. It's very easy. Most of the people here are unemployed, and unemployed people typically don't feel very good about themselves. Which of course means they often aren't very nice.

    Also low barrier to entry to filter out the riff raff explains it as well. Same as yahoo message boards...

    Go to forums that focus around obtaining and studying for professional certification (ie CFA analyst forums) and you'll quickly see there is a much higher quality group of people there. Seems a common goal like obtaining a CFA would theoretically breed a comradery -- so traders should have a similar deal, right? But not true. I just think it boils down to pedigree of people here (washed out 'traders', actually corrected denoted as 'unemployed (often uneducated) gamblers').
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    the few that trade here appear to be losing money, that seems to make them miserable and angry

  4. Welcome to ET Romper Room where grown men act like, well you fairly well described it.
  5. You being the leader of that elite group :D
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    I think you are referring to TraderZones, who used to post under RCanfiel and who's name is Ross Canfield. The reason he behaves in such a way is because he is a failed system trader, and tried (unsuccessfully) to sell systems here for 250K as well as C2 (he has pulled them since). Naturally, he does not want anyone to succeed, and he already attempted to "take someone under his wing" a while back. Anyone that may succeed is competition to him, or that is the way he sees it.

    Most other guys on here seem to be ok, with the occasional troll like cgarcia who likes to instigate pointless discussions and the likes of buylosellhigh, who are very one-sided in their views (world is ending soon types). There was a stocktrad3r here once, who thought DOW is going to 25000, so that was the other extreme. Regardless, I'm venting, but if you put TraderZones (the only really rude guy) on ignore, you should be fine.

    Take care.
  7. It has nothing to do with posters and everything to do with moderation policy. Most boards have an etiquette policy and mods to implement it by infracting posters and removing posts, the need for which is not really seen here.
  8. Perhaps - or maybe being miserable, angry and bitter is some form of taking, dishonoring and malice and that makes them losers .... hmmm

    Either way ... it is more fun to help others, to give and to stimulate and encourage other to do well.

    I suspect this forum was intended for that purpose.
  9. +1
  10. Thanks dude ... pure genius!

    I completely forgot that boards like these have that anti-pestilence button.

    Now where is it exactly? :D
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