Why is there no term limits for congress/senate.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by noob_trad3r, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. These people being in power till they die sounds does not seem like a good idea. Once they get in it seems a few years later they are owned by special interests who want to keep them in forever.

    Why not have a max 12 year term, let new blood come in.
  2. because the sheep are unwilling to have a Constitutional debate about term limits, which I believe is a necessary step toward term limits.
  3. Your post implies that the people have some say on the issue. We don't! Our vote is meaningless. The people in charge, you know the hustlers and scammers that would suffer unemployment as a result of term limits. Those are the people who have a vote that counts. Let's see, I have this great gig where I don't have to do anything but talk, I'm held to no account for my actions, or inactions, make a decent buck above board, and all I can steal on the sly. I am above the law, hold immense power over people, and pretty much write my own ticket wherever I go. Gee, I think I vote that there should be a time limit on how long I can scam the system. Not gonna' happen.
    Sheep, have no say in where or how they are herded. Neither do we. Your vote is an illusion of power. In reality you have no say at all.
  4. I don't think term limits would do much to improve the situation. People get voted out of office and end up as a politcal "appointee" or patronage job.