Why is there no discussion of Schwab or Fidelity

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by adityanm, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. adityanm


    I am new member but could not find any thread discussing either of these two.

    Am I missing anything?
  2. Ebo


    I have/had accounts at both, what is your question specifically?

    How much capital are you looking to invest or trade and how active are you planning to be?

    (Just a hint, there are hundreds of threads and reviews of direct access brokers on ET.)
  3. Because they suck!
  4. Ebo


    Happy New Year to you too Raymond!
  5. Choad


    They might be okay (I had a Schwabby acnt for years, actually still have it - they just won't close it for some reason!), for a few trades a year.

    For the average retail active trader, there is a short list of brokers you MUST have. Interactive is at the top. OptionsXpress and ThinkOrSwim might be on the list if you trade lots of ops. But they aren't as good as IB IMHO.

    If you mostly trade futures, I suppose there are a couple more. Fido and Schwab are not on the list.
  6. ScottTrade and Etrade suck too, along with Watley, actually anybody on CNBC or in S&C mag sucks too!

    there is a lot of suckers out there....suckers!
  7. Choad


    Sucky so-so second-rate substandard stock sellers certainly significantly severely savage and sadistically slaughter/sabotage simple-minded suckers. Scoundrels.
  8. :) Now that sucks!
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    Go wash and wax your Woodie and try to be positive about something today!
  10. the simulated woodgrain siding is peeling off

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