Why is there a 6 pip spread on the EURUSD right now?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by snackly, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. snackly


    Is it due to the holiday tomorrow?
  2. half the traders
    double the bullshit
  3. You think that's bad, here's Oanda's quotes!

    10 on Eur/Usd and others, 20 on Gbp/Jpy, and 30 on Eur/Aud!


    and here's CMC's.....

  4. ssblack


    lol aren't they always like this on Sunday nights?

    I don't trade with them, but thought that's how they were...

    I also like the "half the traders = double the bullshit" line.

  5. lol, I think they probably are, I'm never usually around on Sunday night to find out thank goodness!

    10 and 15 pip scalps with 10 pip spreads, it's too much like hard work :eek:

    "half the traders = double the bullshit", ain't that the truth!

  6. cstfx


    Oanda has 10 (or more) pip wide quotes until 8pm EDT. Been that way for a long, long, time. At approxiamatly 20:00:01 (EDT) rates return to normal spreads. Sometimes takes a few minutes more.
  7. snackly


    What is CMC? What broker is that? That seems like a pretty tight spread for the moment.
  8. snackly


    They seem to have returned to normal for me at max 2, and as low as .5.

    The largest I saw was 6 but often it was as high as 5. I guess its normal for Sunday night. With tomorrow's holiday I suppose it will be thinner than usual as well.
  9. cstfx


    The lowest pip spread Oanda has is on the EUR/USD at .9 pips so I am curious to what Oanda quotes you are looking at that are giving you .5 spread???
  10. Ok thanks for that, I'm not going to hang around waiting but I'll know for the next time I burn the midnight oil on a Sunday :)
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