Why is the word ****l blocked in posts?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Crispy, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Crispy



    M - E - T - A - L
  2. Crispy,

    What does this thread that you started in the Feedback section mean? Could you clarify?


  3. Crispy


    I am wondering why the word M-E-T-A-L is blocked. It turns into ****L in posts.
  4. test

    test#2 UPPERCASE
  5. please standby... all of our administrators are busy on other matters... please hold the line for the first available administrator. your post is important to us and please do not delete as you will lose your place in line.

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  6. Joe


    I blocked it.

    We had a user that was redirecting users to an inappropriate site, using the word M.E.T.A. in his code, blocking the word M.E.T.A. from appearing stopped that from occurring.
  7. Crispy


    Got it. Thanks.

    Maybe someone can change my chitchat post title regarding precious m.e.t.a.l iras too "bullion ira" or something like that so it has visibility?
  8. TGregg


    Done. :)