Why is the $US tanking?6pm oct5

Discussion in 'Forex' started by zf trader, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. What is going on at the open?

  2. shorting 1.1997 expecting retrace to 1.1950 min in eur/usd pair.

  3. Josh009


    Venezuela's central bank is selling the dollar.
  4. MS, we just clicked past 1.2010.

    this is not the time to be shorting EUR/USD.

    where's your "stop loss?" :D
  5. Man, I always seem to be out doing an
    errand or something and then I come home
    to find that the dollar is moving!
  6. stop 1.2083, target 1 1.1947

    through enquiring the old we learn the new
  7. You should no better than to watch every tick. Plus it's only -13 pips at time of your post.

    Time of my post -4 pips, almost the spread for crying out loud.
  8. you guys really think we're gonna move back down to 1.1950??

    It's been moving up for 12-hours straight.

    you guys got a lot of balls.

    maybe I should open up a short. :D


  9. Problem is that you do not see the forest because of the trees. On weekly chart the 1.1950 area is the neckline of a Head-and-Shoulders formation and this is an opening gap by MM. It is my bet we will test that level again.

    PS 22 September attempt stopping river. Flow strong and unsuccesfull. River start flow 6 September and has not reach big water. River take many shore with it, can not fight strong water with small bag sand. Curent no show slow down.

    japanese saying:
    put a lid on what smells bad

  10. I usually use citrus spray.. to... spray what smells bad....

    plus, I flush the toilet.


    I'm sure there's a trading lesson in there somewhere....
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