Why is the south so backward?

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  1. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) commemorated the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, telling a gathering of Alabamians that he didn't see skin color as a divisive factor. When it came to religion, however, the recently-inaugurated governor raised some eyebrows with a comment on his view of non-Christians in his state.

    "So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister, and I want to be your brother," Bentley said in his address, according to The Birmingham News, after telling the congregation that he was "color blind."

    Questioned by The News about the suggestive nature of his statement, communications director Rebekah Caldwell Mason clarified, ''He is the governor of all the people, Christians, non-Christians alike."

    While Bentley himself promised to become "the governor of all the people" on Monday, the new governor was never shy about his Christian faith during his campaign (he is a deacon at his Baptist church in Tuscaloosa and has been supported by a number of religious leaders). Since winning in November, he has also continued to tout his religious credentials on a variety of issues.

    Below is a photo of the Alabama governor, below that a photo of the governor when he played reverend Kain in the Poltergeist movies...

    <img src=http://weldbham.com/secondfront/files/2010/10/robertbentley.jpeg>

    <img src=http://wow.danterner.promessage.com/rainkane2.jpg>
  2. Why is the south so backward?

    They probably say the same about us. There are a lot of planets in the US.

    Main stream news, imo, doesn't even touch the surface of what is going on in this country.
  3. I don't really pay much attention to local politics, so I fail to see anything backwards in this little story of yours.

    So who's your source?
  4. The South is the last bastion in America of the spirit of the Revolution. The rest of the country has gone pinko commie queer.
  5. Oh, you mean the revolt against the United States of America by the Confederacy States of Dixie.

  6. The south has a much better standard of living than the rest of the country... I used to criticize the south for having more hawkish law enforcement, but that's pretty much spread everywhere now...

    Most of the wealth is also moving to the Sunbelt now too. We're going to start seeing more and more punitive measures taken on the south because of it's growing prosperity, precisely what predicated the civil war...

  7. What's your big beef with every person in the South?

    You seem to have elements of an OCD or a phobia, what traumatized you so much to create this condition?
  8. At least he's not bowing to everyone.

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  9. When I see the southerners burning the Dixie flag instead of a cross, I promise I won't say anything more about the southern man...

    Obviously not all southerns are backwards, ignorant, redneck, hillbilly types...my comments are directed to this unevolved specimin of the human race.

    So you need not be concerned, right?

  10. 1) What the hell is the dixie flag?
    2) What does someone burning a flag have to do with how you feel about a particular part of the nation?

    3) So tell me what happened, did you see (the liberal caricature of the south) "deliverence" and get all hot and bothered with your fantasies flowing or something?
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