Why is the only defense of the republicans when criticized...

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  1. ...to say something about dems?
  2. Sleight of hand.

    (Not unlike you when it comes to god. :D )
  3. Is this actually coming from the blame Bush for everything leftists?

    They have control of the White House, the House, and filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and everything is still Bush's fault. The dems are a complete joke and are on their way to getting pounded in the elections this year. You people are frauds.
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    Two way street, and it's all faith-based. "If only the x party was in charge, everything would be all right."
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    Reminds me of that self righteous Z10/Optional hypocrite constantly bad mouthing right ...wait a minute...that's YOU!
  6. I deny the assumption implicit in the question, but he does raise an important point. Perhaps because of the liberal bias of the media, republicans have tended to be excessively deferential to democrats, overly quick to condemn and abandon their own party members( eg, Trent Lock, Joe Wilson) and afraid to stand behind their fundamental principles.

    The unofficial motto of the Republican Party has long been " We may be despicable but we're not as bad as the other guys." While true, such an approach is not exactly a rallying cry for the troops at election time. John McCain could not even bring himself to criticize Obama, even though he was running against a clearly unqualified radical activist with a long trail of dubious and frightening associations. One was left to wonder why McCain was even in the race, since it was plausible to believe that he and his campaign all planned to vote for Obama.

    The logical result of this dynamic was the Tea Party movement, as ordinary Americans became revolted by the severe leftward lurch imposed by Obama, with massive govenrment takeovers and abridgement of property rights to reward unions, gargantuan slush funds dressed up as stimulus, and a hideous government takeover of health care, and by the republicans' seeming acceptance of much of it.

    Bottom line, we need a new generation of leaders who are not intimidated by the media and are not ashamed of the principles that made this country great.
  7. Nonsense. You guys are self-righteous, holier-than-thou bible thumpers. That's why it's so entertaining when you slip and fall in your own bullshit.
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    Lol, you really need to get out in the world. Our media is right wing.
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    Do you seriously believe this?
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    All you have to do is listen to the voices that occasionally rise out of that vast sea of people who are on the extraction side of our empire to know it.
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