Why Is The Obvious Not So Obvious?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by nysestocks, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. ironchef


    A chart is like a painting, pattern (art) and not Technical Analysis (science and math)?

    And what does buzzy bee do with reading charts?o_O
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  2. MrScalper


    simple really..most are too lazy to do any serious work worth talking about..as that involves questioning yourself about your abilities and shortcomings..instead..most turn to others for confirmation that they are doing the right thing..BIG mistake.. especially for anything trading related

    most of what is put out there is actually bad for you..meaning it will not help your finances..in fact..it will do the exact opposite!!!!

    so..it really is very simple..take some time to do some basic research.. believe nothing you read or see until you have proven it to yourself..and most importantly..know that there is no easy way to make money apart from winning the lotto..any worthwhile endeavor requires time..dedication..and last..but not least..COMMON SENSE :)
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  3. slugar


    Was wondering if you knew what happened to redneck?
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  4. MrScalper


    no..was wondering myself..who might know is Handle123
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  5. MrScalper


    now you know what 99.99% mental really means :)
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  6. I am somewhere in the middle of this thread and I have to say buy low and sell high is the obvious but that's too obvious so that simply can't be the obvious:banghead:
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  7. Onra


    I think it's time for those "in the know" to start posting charts again!
    Like the good old times, when it drove me nuts! :banghead:
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  8. Vindago


    buy low and sell high is the obvious but, and this is so obvious that is often overlooked, you need experience to recognize what is high and what is low.

    Moreover, you need another kind of experience, way harder to achieve, to actually do what needs to be done as knowing the path and walking it is not the same thing...

    Most traders, me included, focus their attention on the first part (chart reading in all its declination) thinking that once the learn to read the chart they will make money, unfortunately this is a requisite that while necessary it is not sufficient. This is also the EASY part of becoming consistently profitable.

    The hard part is the second, the doing the right thing, when you know that there is something you should do, but you do not do it because the trade did not make you enough money, or it is losing you money and who like to lose???

    of course this is my opinion, based on my limited experience...
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  9. MrScalper


    well summed up VO..and to add..making money is actually very easy.. keeping it.. however..is the exact opposite

    we can go into all the stuff in all the books..total waste of time..here is one simple test to see if you have arrived where you need to be

    delete every bit of information you have downloaded in relation to trading or investing..if you can't do it..for whatever reason..then you still have a long way to go..and..when you get there..and actually do it..then..and only then..will you fully understand what I am talking about

    i have a feeling RN got fed up with all the silly talking and wasting his time..either that or something bad has happened..maybe we will find out some day..or maybe not!!
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  10. MrScalper


    what way is the market currently heading :)


    and this market !!

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