Why Is The Obvious Not So Obvious?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by nysestocks, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Johno


    There is no one so blind as a no-eyed deer! The OP has already given you the answer, do some thinking and make an effort to comprehend rather than expect someone to lay it in your lap.

    The replies show very clearly who does and who does not make money speculating in the markets, I would suspect that NY's motive in posting is simply curiosity to see who's who in the zoo!

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  2. That's kind of what I was thinking.
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  3. Redneck


    Well Nysestocks,

    I’ll tell ya what won’t work SLABH, / BHASL

    I did both today – then spent the rest of the day digging out of it (still ended the day down $186.38 including commissions)

    Am I mad – no, / frustrated with myself – Yep

    So (as I imagine you’re still lurking in the shadows) exact your pound of flesh – Lord knows I’ve taken you to task

    But at least I’m keeping it real (not meant as slam at you Nysestocks - just me owning up to the truth)

    Tomorrow's another day

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  4. Johno


    Good to see you can still keep your sense of humor Red!


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  5. Redneck


    Thank You Sir

    BTW I figured out why the obvious isn’t so obvious – to me today

    Cranium up nether region:confused:

    See ya
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  6. Johno


    Hence the red neck?


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  7. DrEvil


    Ok so what you are saying is that other than a trader cutting their losers and letting winners run, using proper position sizing, being properly capitalized and having the right mindset there is another key ingredient missing (as you say, the obvious) that is required to be profitable?

    As others have stated, you must have an edge. First and formost you need to be betting on the more probable direction. I.e the chart, as confirmed by higher time frames as well as your current timeframe must be indicating that a certain direction is more likely than the other. Then you trade in that direction.

    Have I missed out the obvious?
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  8. nysestocks

    nysestocks Guest

    You are not correct, but that is normal!
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  9. nysestocks

    nysestocks Guest

    Agree 100% - but this is not the obvious that a trader needs to know in order to make money.

    A trader who knows nothing about business strategies can still make good money, if he/she knows what the must know, and do what he/she must do.
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  10. What is obvious is that day trading/short term trading (For that matter, even long term 5 years in the equity market as it is now) is a negative sum game for the average. You have to find a way to turn this into positive for yourself.
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