Why Is The Obvious Not So Obvious?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by nysestocks, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. ammo


    it is what it is...obviously
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  2. You missed my point in your attempt to differienciate yourself.
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  3. anything can happen

    have a successfull plan and have the discipline to stick to it
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  4. nysestocks, what you consider to be "the obvious", may not be what someone else considers it to be. Though both may be correct. I think you should clarify.
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  5. All you need to profit is join a trend. Like the oil bubble, or commodities bubble. When everybody goes long, you go long too, untill your TA shows signs of topping.
    You need to find a way to join the herd, then you will profit.
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  6. what is obvious to me, and not obvious to everyone else posting, is the OP has no clue himself. He's pissing in the wind like everyone else.
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  7. ammo


    the point here is ,its not going up or down or sideways because.....it just is....you're acct is not goig up or down because of.... it just is....when you stop reading some twisted blend of you're own personal take on everything ,it becaomes zen like...it just is what it is....obiously
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  8. Mobro


    To be part of the 5%, you would obviously have to be on the other side of the trade of the 95% ! ;-)
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  9. Letting the market make the calls.
    ie; How wide is your envelope?
    Some times trend, some times counter.
    How can one "Let his winners run"
    and "Cut his losers short" without being
    in tune with the above?
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  10. Johno


    I also have no use for indicators, without a thorough understanding of business basics they are useless, and even then often absolutely disasterous!

    To expand, throw away all the garbage you've been fed, stop being baffeled by the bullshit and study basic business principles, until you completely understand these you are simply doomed to a fruitless search. Think fishmongers, fruit and veg shop proprietors, coin and collectables dealers, used car dealers etc, these people don't try to predict anything yet they generally make money, "go figure." Buy low sell high, you've heard it a lot but do you really comprehend the requirements and implications inherent in achieving this? Consider their approaches carefully for these people ( the successful ones ) are truely traders in their chosen fields.


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