why is the media so left?

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  1. OK I am expecting left folk are going to haze me. (I am Libertarian), but this needs to be said.

    Why is the media soooooo far to the left?

    Kinda weird.
  2. Libertarianism can also be kind of "leftist".


    But, with regards to this "leftism" that is very obvious in the media - I think it stems more from the perceived role of the media. Journalists and news organizations see themselves both as "objective reporters" on events and news, but also as "reformers" important to spur change, wield influence on the public. Therefore it is inherent in the "nature of media" to "fight for the population rights", like more social equilibrium. The media see themselves as a reflection not of the establishment, but for and by the people - they see themselves as "the voice of the people". Therefore, they are in line with mainstream ideas about empowering the population, and voicing the concerns of the people.

    Some media outlets are more specialized - like Bloomberg, Forbes etc and see themselves as reflecting "the voice of business". As the corporate world is not founded in "the population", but a small segment of the population with interests divided after economic worth, not "one person one vote" like a democratic society or population.

    That is basically why you perceive "the media" as "leftist".
  3. Gring,

    We know you are a bright guy. Ever thought of speaking down to us?

    What the hell did that mean in one sentence?

    You and SA are similar in that you feel the need to prove your use of the language.

    Almost everyone here has at least a BS. We speak blue collar cause its easy and social. Kill the Einstein replies please. I promise you, I have more degrees, and internationally recognized, than you do.

    No one cares.
  4. Most if not all reporters are dirt poor.

    Hence the bias toward govt handouts (left )

  5. Yes, particularly the anchors.
  6. hmmmnnn mi point
  7. My 2 cents. Republicans get caught with their hands in the cookie jar more often and hence find themselves on the 11 o'clock news being tattled on by the lefties. Pretty sure they end up on CSPAN more too having to tell Congress that they don't remember anything. Then O'Reilly Hannity or Limbaugh come out and cry ..."the lefties told on us." every righty then agrees.
  8. guys like o'reilly make the british wanna bomb ireland and make cornbeef out of the place.
  9. J, if you traveled around the world (maybe you have, and I'd be surprised you'd be positing this question) you'd find that the media in the U.S. is by far the most Conservative (conservative as in pro-GOP, not conservative as in small "c" conservative such as Jeffersonian) in any developed nation in the world.

    You'd be amazed at the contrast of the media coverage here compared to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, Canada...


    If you really are a libertarian, you must ackowledge that when 5 corporations own every single television network, cable channel and radio station - just 5 - you are going to get a very filtered and extremely innacurate version of world events spoon fed to you.

    The fact that Bush has not been impeached, as Ron Paul has brought up again and again, for manipulating intelligence, in order to initiate a war with Iraq, and spill American blood, is incomprehensible, and serves as the ultimate testament that the U.S. media is far from liberal and far from reporters of facts and truth.

    Welcome to the Matrix.
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