Why is the Media not dicussing this Subject ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Glenn_Dude, May 14, 2003.

  1. I came across this article ( and others similar )from browsing International websites , very interesting .
    Kinda makes me wonder why hasn't the American media ever bring it up ?

    Just curious to know if any of you read about it ? any opinions ?

  2. I said the other day US is virtually in Bankruptcy like in 1933



    It's the banker's way to make you pay after lending you money. Why would you think bankers are more civilised than in the past huh ? You are still under the control of Britannic and german bankers but they won't tell you of course :D.

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    The dollar has fallen by 10% since the U.S. won the war. If Bush was so concerned with achieving dollar strength why is his Treasury secretary talking down the Greenback every chance he gets. Where's the intervention. Why is Greenspan helping the Euro by talking about downside risk to the U.S. economy. Yea, there's a conspiracy going on... cheapen the dollar to help corporate profits!
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    After reading that article I question what effect the existance of and huge international fx dealing market has on his thesis. In theory could not anyone keep Euros and then buy oil in Euros or dollars via a bank transaction. Kind of like using your IB account to trade an oveseas market but sort of on a country size scale.

    Does it really matter to the U.S. if oil contracts trade at 40 euros a barrel or 40 dollars a barrel. Didn't the oil sellers run out of dollars and into gold in the 70's couldn't they do that now. I just think the fx market is a bit more complicated then the author seems to imply.

    But I could be wrong and welcome a good debate.
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    The problem with these types of analysis in the URL you posted - gross generalities notwithstanding - is that they only compare debts vs. assets which alone do not tell you anything about the true value of the company (in this case the US) without looking at revenue.

    Only by looking at revenue can you understand the impact of debts and other liabilities. Cash-flow is king. With enough revenues you have flexibility. Everyone's getting all worked up about "record deficits" but they should really be looking at deficit as % of GDP. Another trick is that the Federal government does not separate operating budget vs. capital budget which any accounting student can tell you all companies do. So the "deficit" is really a misnomer as the operating budget is always balanced on a year-to-year basis. It's the capital budget, i.e. investment in our country's future, that is a cause of "the deficit". A small % debt of gross revenue for capital investment is a very wise thing and all companies do it. It's called growth.

    Also, after looking at revenues (P/E) to valuate a company, you also need to consider growth rate, etc. Sounds very much like fundamental analysis of any stock... my point simply is if these authors are going to make gross generalizations and then drawn conclusions from them, they could at least do a better job of anlaysis.
  6. And do you realise with what your GDP is mesured huh ? in dollar so you want to demonstrate me that A is worth A ? :D. Tell me during the so called new economy did you believe that stuff or were you aware that this "new" stuff has been served at least twice in history ? Then do you continue to believe in fairy tale that debt is indefinetely expansible that the foreign lenders bankers especially europeans have been feeding you just for your wealth being ? Are you ignoring that european bankers have a huge control as main holders of US Central Bank that you can't even ask the Congress about that except an old inquiry from 1970 :D. Why do you think they hide the information huh ? The european bankers through European Union is rapping european people and they are rapping you also but like in Casino Roulette for 36 times against two they let you believe you are a winner then during the last moment they will ask to pay back not directly they are not stupid to offend you directly but by some other means, they already used in 1933 for example forbidding Gold Conversion for US citizens whereas foreigners could still do it in US.

    A related Interview radio here on virtual Bankruptcy: