Why is the little girl unhappy?

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  1. All the adults are happy to see their hero Obama who just gave them healthcare, loan mods and cash for clunkers. The little girl is thinking about how she is the one getting stuck with the bill and how her future has been ruined by these assholes.

  2. Why is the little girl unhappy?

    Because she worries about peil's sanity. And in the very off chance that there should be a god as peil believes there to be, then she worries about peil's soul.
  3. The little girl is unhappy because her mom is a loser and her mother is confused (photo above little girl), apparently mom thought she was going to meet tiger woods.
  4. I'd love to reach out and touch the one.

    Maybe just the touch of his coat would heal me so that could also see the shining brilliance of his plan for destroying our fiscal stability.
  5. unhappy because through her little eyes but greater wisdom can see the adult sheeple once again sucked in by by the empty charisma of their chosen leaders.
  6. The crowd in the photograph looks like the same skin pigment grouping as the Tea Party fanatics..........
  7. c'ommon guys this is a photoshop
  8. TGregg


    Why? Two letters - BO. Check out the picture again. Phew. ;)

  9. So very true. It is uncanny how little ones can spot a fake.
  10. Like obama isn't.
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