Why is the left so anti-scientific?

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  1. The left is highly opposed to the notion that we should discourage excessive breeding in those least able to care for offspring and encourage breeding in those best able to care for offspring. Hence the left encourages a dysgenic policy.

    Meanwhile, many critique the religious beliefs of a small portion of republicans because they seem to conflict with modern science. However, they refuse to acknowledge many other scientific realities which are antithetical to their policies. You'd think the self proclaimed "party of enlightenment" would have lots of enthusiasm towards policies which conform to scientific reality, but not the contemporary left...

    Social Darwinism and the Left
    By Jay Richards

    The charge that if you defend free markets and limited government, then you’re a Social Darwinist is a hackneyed and dishonest claim of the Left. I’m not sure who first tried to identify conservative economic policies with Social Darwinism, though Walter Mondale famously attacked (and misrepresented) Ronald Reagan in the 1980s for defending “Social Darwinism” rather than “social decency.”