why is the ftse down almost 4%?

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  1. i'm blind and can't find the news.
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    HBOS uncertainty & unemployment #'s
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    if u are blind how do you normally receive news.
    if u are not blind your remark is idiotic.
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  5. why did you insult him?
  6. i don't trade euro markets. i just woke up since my nose is so clogged up that i couldn't sleep. it's great having a never ending stream of mucus since my gf got me sick. anyhow i couldn't find it on briefing or yahoo finance or cnn. i didn't feel like turning on the tv to get the news. i forgot to just go to the yahoo finance uk site. the news is right there.

    lol how in the fuck would i even trade if i was actually blind?
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    "i'm blind and can't find the news."

    i asked if he was blind how does he find the news.
    if he is not blind his remark is not humorous and condescending to the blind.

    to say his remark is possibly idiotic is different than saying he is an idiot. it is not insulting.
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    In fact, I heard of a guy starting daytrading after an accident made him blind. There are blind dedicated software that translates whatever is written on the screen as soon as it is letters or numbers. They can't use charts but they can use quotes, T§S...I don't know if you can really make profits but I think it's possible to swing trade for example.
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