Why is the book "Trading in the Zone" recommended

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  1. so much around here?

    I bought the book a while ago and it was just a bunch of psycho
    babble to me.

    I don't see any value there.
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    I don'y know wht to tell you if you call all that "Babble".
  3. That "Babble" goes "deeper" than you think, try reading between the lines....
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    Once a person knows what the bid and the ask are, it's about the only tradig related book I'd recommend.
  5. It only applies in the "Zone"

    Some people can't get there.
  6. [​IMG]Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude (2001) - Mark Douglas - 213 amazon.com customer reviews

    Plenty of very positive reviews for you to go back and chikitout again...

    [​IMG] The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes (1990) - Mark Douglas - 118 amazon.com customer reviews
  7. The exercise at the end is probably the only valuable part.
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    Unless you have a way of seeing the market that puts you in sync with it, no book on psychology will help...actually, it might hurt you because you are told that psychology is the reason for your lack of success when in reality you are missing skill.

    I had a big discussion with Van Tharp once, where I told him that the reason for Tiger Wood's success was not his psychological edge (even though, of course, he has that too) but a grooved swing he could rely on especially when things got tough. Skills built with drills, basically... a million balls hit at the driving range.
    I told Van that his mantras "money management is the most important part of a system" and "psychology is all" were dangerous and misleading, like giving a bad golfer lots of balls and mental training so that he can deal with the losses psychologically ...what the bad golfer needs are not more balls but the skills not to lose them in the rough....Van did not like this at all...:)
  9. agree 100% hence my dismissing this book as rubbish.
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    onlly female golfers need balls
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