Why is Texas budget shortfall so minuscule compared to Cali and others?

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  1. Texas is a massive state with a diverse population including poor, rich, and everything in between. Sort of like California.

    Yet Texas does not have the fiscal problems California does.

    Is it a conservative thing?
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  3. So THAT'S why my auto registration fee more than doubled this year.... can hardly wait for the property tax bill.. :mad:
  4. More likely fewer (if any) illegal aliens seeking to suckle from the state's social system.
  5. 1 word. Oil.
  6. Has nothing to do with oil.

    Oil is only $70 barrel not even close to $147.
  7. No, Texas shares a much larger border with Mexico than California does, Texas like all border states, is overrun by illegal aliens from Mexico.
  8. It is, in part, because California voters have put restrictions on the budget process. One, called Proposition 13, severely restricts property tax increases since the early 1970s. Also, their are statutory restrictions on any cuts to spending on education. Basically Californians have voted themselves into bankruptcy. The state needs to go bankrupt and a whole new constitution/government formed.
  9. In order to pass a budget in California, it requires a 2/3 'rds "super-majority" vote in the legislature. As a result, expediting and/or facilitating cuts and compromise are nearly impossible under such a restriction.

    Meanwhile, the Economy of the world's 10th largest economy continues to "tank" and tax receipts continue to dwindle; hence the cash-flow issue.

    And just to give you an idea of the sheer magnitude of the raw numbers . . . the 10 UC campuses and their medical schools, labs, etc, along with the State College system, and Junior College system operate under a $43 BILLION DOLLAR budget.

    Compare and contrast that with Texas, which spends $19 billion on higher education.
  10. maybe Texas isn't run by left-wing wack-jobs

    maybe Texans expect more from themselves then the government

    just a theory
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