Why is stock_trad3r so good at

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Why is stock_trad3r so good at picking stocks?

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  1. Cause he has skillz

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  2. Cause he buys stocks that go up

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  3. Cause he recommended bidu at 120...

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  4. Cause he is almost always right

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  1. picking stocks?
  2. empee


    im tempted to start shorting because you are so euphoric . (ie fading all your positions)
  3. Joab


    Don't confuse a Bull market with brains.

    I'm happy for the guy that he's making money and I hope he continues too but so is my 70 year old father and he can't tell you the difference between a candlestick and a light bulb. :p
  4. The best traders I know are very humble. They don't have narcissistic personalities or seek out the admiration of others by posting threads about how good they are.
  5. Oh Geeez, this is stock_trad3r? This guy used to post a while back under a different handle. Same crap, different name.
  6. Making money in the stock market really shoudnt be this easy. Even I'm taken aback by how quickly these large cap stocks have risen. RIMM, AAPL, GOOG for example has a market cap of tens of billions but have the upside of penny stock with the risk and safety of a large cap.

    This rally wont be ending any time soon.

    The best traders are silent, but what fun is that?

    Also FXI calls with 2 month expiration and 220 strike are very good buy now. Here are some FXI calls to consider:

    200.00 FNQAR.X
    16.50 0.30 16.00 16.80 75 3,578

    205.00 FNQAW.X
    14.60 0.60 14.00 14.80 43 619

    210.00 FNQAB.X
    12.80 1.10 12.40 13.00 300 2,204

    215.00 FNQAG.X
    12.05 1.05 10.60 11.30 34 649

    220.00 FNQAL.X
    9.93 0.53 9.20 9.90 35 1,313

    Also EWZ calls great as well
  7. No need to be happy, the YM lost 700 points since the high point at which he recommended to buy buy buy. That is a mere 3500 US$ per contract.

    Stockturder is a loser, he lost US$3500 per YM contract since 10/10

    So did your granp, but at least he isn't yelling about it on this forum like a kid. Maybe because your granp is a real trader/investor and S-turd does it on paper only.
  8. Please put Stock_Trad3r on ignore.

    He owns 1 share of Google, 1 share of Baidu, 1 share of Goldman, and a whopping 2 shares of Apple and Research in Motion.

    He admittedly doesn't trade, yet he posts here everytime the S&P upticks a point.

    He is a troll who is in dire need of attention.

    Please put the Turd on ignore and please stop quoting his idiotic posts so the rest of us aren't subjected to his nonsense.
  9. He's also been buying FXI calls since 10/24, from 210-220 on the ETF at peak-volatility. The same guy who stated he manages an ibank trading desk, so he can't post stock picks.
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