Why is RTH(Regular trading hours only) not valid for some stocks?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by isaac000, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. I use IB. This morning I got the "Regular trading hours only flag is not vald for this order" popup when I try to buy some shares of stock WOLF. I have never seen this popup before. Anyone know what's special with this stock? Thanks.
  2. In IB TWS, go to

    Configure->Order->Order Defaults->Other Default Order Settings

    then look for the "Regular Trading Hours Only" checkbox at the very bottom. If it is checked, remove the checkmark and press OK
  3. mgsamuel


    I've had that same problem too even after I tried the proposed fix.

    Maybe someone from IB knows.

  4. I had that problem too. The problem is that ib keeps a record of the last time you entered an order for a stock. Instead of going to the default atttributes, rth etc, it goes to the last order and if that was not rth then it will enter your order not rth regardless of what the default order attributes are.

    Delete all your records of stocks then change the default order attributes to what you want. Now orders will be entered according to your defaults. However, if you ever enter a stock with rth then it will from that point on do that on all orders for that stock and you have to delete that stock out.

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    John, How do you delete the certain stock orders' "rth-only" information from IB's system?
  6. Thank you, thank you. I had a slightly different problem than the thread starter - I've been cut off from trading stocks in AH because of this silly TWS change.

    I would never have found that solution you posted. Had to stare at it some to see that Regular Trading Hours Only box.