Why is Romney in Europe?

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  1. We have no states in the EU. So why go there. I thought he was going to campaign for presidency.

    Or is he not interested anymore?

    And he made an ass out of himself in the process in the UK.

    Is this the best the GOP can offer?
  2. He knows Obama isnt going to get a vote and people are too stupid to vote for Ron Paul so he doesnt need to campaign. The sheep will vote him in the same way the voted Obama in. All Romney has to do is the same thing Obama did. Say "I'm not Obama" the way Obama said "I'm not Bush"
  3. I don't see Romney winning. The GOP really must have no inventory of potential presidential material and Romney was the best they can bring out.

    Romney just seems lost in space, out of touch and pretty much disinterested.

    Not something that will get people to get off the couch and vote for him.
  4. Ricter


    Romney is playing the statesman. All candidates do it, as they should. We have to see them in that role.
  5. Except he failed at that.

    All he had to do is keep his mouth shut, congratulate London on landing the olympics. Wave at the crowds and say thanks for having me as a guest.

    And head back to the US ASAP and campaign.
  6. I agree totally. I think the republicans are angry at David Cameron for sucking up to Obama, so they couldn't resist sticking it to him. the problem is, as you note, that Romney ended up looking ungracious at best.
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    Yes, but Romney is sure starting to look like the President.
    Seeing over there... not sucking up to Chavez or the Muslim brotherhood... it will be nice to not be nervous about our President for the first time in 12 years.
  8. Because he knows Obama is going to win
  9. Ricter


    I'm not certain of that. (Obama winning, I mean.)
  10. The Obama campaign is high fiving, thanks Mitt for making our win so much easier. What a joke Mitt has become. We all know that no one wants him to win, just those who hate Obama, and say they would vote for a Monkey over Obama, well they got their wish. What a joke.
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