Why is rimm not hurting futures?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jnorty, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. jnorty


    lol if rimm beat futures would be up 10. they miss nobody cares. this mkt is near a crecendo hit down.
  2. getting shpanked
  3. Mvic


    The NQ dropped 10-12 points on the news.
  4. jnorty


    es didn't move one iota. 6 months ago the futures would have fallen 10-15 easy.
  5. Couldn't agree more.

    S&P's will be up tomorrow morning while RIMM opens down 12%.

  6. NoDoji


    Overseas markets will pull back because of worries over our housing market failing to provide more green shoots for the economy. This, combined with RIMM's failure to exceed expectations, will cause futures to fall by tomorrow morning.

    If this doesn't happen, that means my prediction was wrong :cool:
  7. jnorty


    i agree clubber. also i was looking at the $ index uup and after hrs i saw many trades 1/2% up.plus the $ was strong today. hell yeah we sky when $ weak and don't fall shit when its super strong
  8. The FED and Goldman will prop this market up for as long as possible.

    Q's should be getting mauled right now.
  9. S2007S


    FUNNY, RIMM IS DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY AH, down almost $10 bucks however the the s$p and dow futures are slightly positive and the NDX futures down only .25

    Now if RIMM had been up $10 to over $90 a share the futures would be up 1/2% tonight and by 7:30am they would be up close to 1%.

    Funny how one of the biggest tech stocks down $10 bucks isn't doing much to move the futures to the negative side.

    11pm and the futures are nearly green,

    WTF is that all about, RIMM should take down every tech stock tomorrow.

    Sure the bulls will rally the market tomorrow on that great earnings report out of RIMM.
  10. Bingo thats what shorts have fought every single day for 7 long months. Forget rimm if that housing # was good the dow would have run 150. since it was horrible the dow fell 40.To be honest until the mkt is a good 8-10% off its high and people fell some fear on losing money i can't see any aggresive selling.look at the way the mkts rallied with the weak $. but today the $ was on fire and guess what we hardly sold off.
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