why is prostitution illegal in the United States?

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  1. i live in brazil and anytime i need a fix, there are plenty of brothels, escorts, whores to choose from.

    it offers some beautiful women a way to make an honest living. i dont kiss them and always use a condom.

    the greatest benefit to society is that it reduces the incidence of rape..
  2. But google headquarters/servers are in USA.
  3. America was settled by puritanical english christians.
    Brazil was settled by the Portuguese.

    May look the same on paper, but.......
  4. In the one country where you are supposed to be free to express and/or not express any religion you want, you are compelled to live under the 10 commandments. United States laws have religion all through them.
  5. Its not, just look at Fox excuse for news and Limbaugh.
  6. I saw a headline in the paper today: "Woman Beats Off Attacker".
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    Prostitution is legal in Nevada.
  8. Certain counties in Nevada. Las Vegas is not in one of those counties, so prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas. [​IMG]
    Internet pornography reduces the incidence of rape.
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    In my opinion, Internet pornography and other forms of pornography increases the possibility of rape. Not everyone will be satisfied with masturbation. :mad:
  10. Sorry for not backing up my claim.

    In this article, "the incidence of rape in the four states having the least access to the internet showed an actual increase in rape [but] in four states
    having the most access to the internet, three out of four of these states showed declines (in New Jersey, an almost 50% decline)."

    There are plenty of articles on the internet, just Google "internet pornography rape".
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