Why is Palin the main topic of conversation?

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    Media, message boards - she's the topic.

    People usually have no interest in a VP candidate.

    My theory: she's the hot chick. Guys focus on and women obsess over the hot chick.
  2. The shepherds must keep repeating to their evangelical flock that the steaming cow pie before them is really a delicious and freshly baked chocolate cake. Some of what we are seeing is the astonished reporting of this engineered "repetition with conviction" until the flock's gaze takes on the requisite glaze.

    Fux News, however, is engaged in the actual indoctrination process. (Seeing as how they cater exclusively to sheep, you'd think they'd change their name to Flock News.)
  3. Because whether or not she will make a good VP, her selection is political genius. Suburban and small-town conservatives who might or might not vote otherwise will be lining up around the block to vote for her and that old guy.
  4. Speaking of "her and that old guy".

    It has the essence of a father-daughter team.
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    Yeah, well, "Dad" is caught on tape checking out "Susie's" ass.

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    Good, maybe he's not dead yet after all.

    I wonder what Obama would think to himself if standing next to Palin or her oldest daughter?

    Probably something like : "hey, nice shoes".
  7. She's there because the Democrats, thank God, are stupid. They felt threatened, and for the three days after the convention, did ever stupid thing they could think of, and infuriated everyone on her side, and undecided. By the massive 'neg sell', she received immeasurable good will. Then, when she came out on stage, didn't stutter, drool, fall down, did deliver a tremendous speech, they looked the fool they are. Then, the Repubicans marginalized Biden, as if he doesn't it to himself for 30 years, and compared her directly to the Anointed One.

    In Polly Sci books forever, this will go down as genius/stupidity.

    It was the Democrats who lauded the are of Public Speaking to walking on water, and Sarah Palin called, and raised. It was the Democrats who took a nobody, elevated same to public adulation, and promoted same. The Republicans out Dem'ed them.

    Oh. Now, they are digging in Alaska. What if the word is, she was off base in firing some idiot who tasered his son? Then, you play the Ayers card. And so on. If Barry was smart, and that's a large 'if', he'd call his dogs off and say to his 3000 staffers, 'look, let's win or lose on our merits.' But he can't do it. Like the Clintons, he's a shit slinger, and the wind's blowin' in his face.
  8. Sarah Palin is hot and controversial.

    It is simple and perfect - a distraction from everything important.
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  10. Plain and simple: She scares the shit out of the Left.

    It is not confident mockery emanating from the liberal media and the moonbats, but nervous hysterics.
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