Why Is Obama Giving A Speech On Libya?

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  1. I mean, it's Hillary's policy. Shouldn't she be the one giving the speech?

    For a while, there was a certain comfort in Obama's weakness and indecisiveness. He seemed unlikley to bungle us into another foreign adventure. He had so much trouble making decisions, any crisis would be long over while he was still debating every facet of it.

    Hillary and her axis of evil sisters, Susan Rice and Samantha Power, had no such trouble. The closest any of them has ever been to the military is probably protesting outside an ROTC recruiting office. Their guiding light seems to be that we should risk the lives of our soldiers, not to mention piss away a billion dollars, only in places where we have not only no vital interest but no interest whatsoever.

    Hillary (motto:"Often wrong, never in doubt") has basically validated all the doubts voters had about her in the primaries. It is all about HER and nothing else matters. This is her chance to shine and nothing as trivial as the President of the United States, the Constitution, the congress or sound military doctrine was going to get in the way.

    Meanwhile, John Boehner, supposedly the Speaker of the House, supinely accepts this infringement of congress' rightful authority and says nothing. What a leader.
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    Why Is Obama Giving A Speech On Libya?

    Hmmmm, I'm gonna go with unabashed narcissism.
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    It's too late. He should have told us what's up 10 days ago. Maybe he will be more judicious when Hillary talks him into doing the same in Syria. Here is a sample from his speech tonight.

    "My fellow Americans. It is with a heavy heart that I bring you news of our latest imperial expedition. At the urging of our illustrious Secretary of State, Hillary (The Balls) Clinton I have instructed our military to impose a no-fly zone over the state of Libya. I got the U.N. to go along on this so I could cut Congress out of the loop. I now have full authority to bomb any target I choose in Libya as a bonus. I promise not to bomb Gaddafi directly but if a few stray bombs fall his way what can I do?

    "By the way, did you see how smart I was to ask the U.N. for the no-fly zone in order to protect civilians from an autocracy by Gaddafi when all along I knew we could change the course of the war and help Al Qaeda get a better grip in the region by clearing the way for the rebels to take over the country. These guys and my old buddies in Hamas are going to be our new best friends. You'll see. Instead of those dictators that we could buy off we'll have the clerics and our terrorist friends running the show. I promise you that it will be better this way."

    "When Iran finally develops their nuclear weapons, which will be soon, they will supply these new terrorist regimes with nukes and all will be well in the middle east. Of course, I did have to offer up Israel as a sacrifice but, hey; our new terrorist friends will be more trust worthy than those old Israelies. You'll see."
  4. Why do CEO's go on CNBC and give mini speeches, when the company is being run by underlings?

    Not a well thought out OP, sorry...

    Your comments about the wasted of money and lives of soldiers is nice...shame that you and your ilk didn't say the same thing when Bush got the US into two wars that have wasted more money and lives than the silly little NATO adventure in Libya.

    AAA, why don't you at least man up about the conversion from neocon to the teaparty.

    Admit that you and the pundits you listen to were all wrong about Iraq and Afghanistan.

    To now preach that you are on the right side of things, without admitting you were on the wrong side of things during the bulk of Bush's regime is, is spineless.

    The former Neocon now born again teagaggers are still reactive and not proactive nor progressive in their thinking.

  5. To the village idiot, We have had this conversation before and you continue to lie about what I said. Show me one post where I said going into Iraq was a good idea. I said reasonable people could differ. Since most democrats voted in favor of it, I guess I was right.

    So is this your way of saying that you disagree with your beloved president obama? I know that will be hard for you since you love Hillary even more than you do obama. It must hurt you to see how evil she really is.
  6. Ghaddaffy definitely has a Lady Gaga thing going. Every frame of film news has of him he's sportin a different ensemble. I'm waiting for the next one to be with him in an Easter parade level
    hat and panties. Some enterprising producer should tap that for
    a reality show ...any suggestions?
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    Sorry I don't do "reality" shows, I think they're mostly entertainment for sheeple.
  8. Now you are denying you <s>are</s> were a neocon war monger?

    Man, either your memory is problematic, or you are lying to yourself so strongly that you think what you are saying is true.

    Fact is that you have never ever taken Limbaugh or Coulter, or their neocon thinking to task...and Limbaugh and Coulter were big war supporters.

    Unlike you, I don't love any politician or political pundit.

    I do respect the principled consistency of someone like Ralph Nader though...

    He has been right for over 40 years...consistently.

  9. Thats right, you have your own sheeple reality show.
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    Which is...?
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