Why is Obama giving $900 million of our money to these people

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    You mean his fellow Muslims?
  2. Why did Bush appointee Henry Paulson force BofA's Ken Lewis to acquire Merrill even though BofA wanted to rescind the proposed deal?

    Why did Bush appointee Bernanke give $145 Billion to AIG?

    Why did Bush give $17.2 Billion to GM?

    Was Bush a socialist?
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    The answer to your questions is - because they can:p
  4. Once again, way to stay on topic. If you want to discuss those things, start your own topic.

    The question is why those people in the video are recieving US dollars.
  5. Could it be because it is part of our foreign policy?

    Are you not aware that Bush requested $150 million in FY 2006 and an additional $200 million in FY 2005 supplemental aid for the Palestinians?

    I don't seem to recall that you were ever complaining about that, no?
  6. Hmph.
    Stop making sense. It's bad form around here.
  7. You are right on all accounts, and don't forget all the $$ / aid Bush gave the N Koreans, but Bush is history, and though he should be in prison or at best in exile, whatever the case Bush is no longer President, Obama is now, and still more of the same. :(
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