Why is Obama creating so many jobs?

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  1. Why is this guy working so hard? Why is he resolving all the issues so quickly? He can slow down a little, resolve some now and the rest after he gets reelected.

    In a few days when the job numbers come out, we are going to see that 500,000 jobs had been <strike>created</strike> in April
  2. I think he's only created like...100,000 jobs so far.

    60,000 jobs in the government check-writing program.

    40,000 jobs in the IOU dept.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about the 10,000 jobs translating those IOU's into Chinese so the lenders can understand.

    Any others?
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    It will be years and years and years and years before you see unemployment rates back under 5%.
  4. Why is everyone trying so hard to avoid a recession anyway? Recessions are *good* and necessary.

    Why is everyone wanting everything to be back like it was before? (i.e. Million dollar McMansions and Hummers.) Maybe the way things were before sucked.

    Maybe society's expectations need some adjustment to something more sustainable and realistic.
  5. Stop watching MSNBC, he hasn't created many jobs at all.
  6. When the "credit bubble souffle" is finally fully deflated... likely to find a real, structural unemployment rate of 20%. Nobody knows how to cope with that.

    Government will try to compensate with "make work" projects... you know, government employee digs a hole while another fills it back up....
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  8. Assuming that chart is accurate (I don't have the time to verify it), that's a great pic.

    Of course, it doesn't look at the increase in population between the 50s and now.
  9. The current employment decline situation is structural and effectively PERMANENT... nobody wants to acknowledge nor deal with that... no idea how...
  10. Not sure where you get off ranting like that, but whatever.
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