Why is nobody writing about Equitytrading.com?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by patrick, Mar 28, 2001.

  1. patrick


    I am wondering, that nobody is mentioning equitytrading.com. The broker did get a good rating in the broker rating and combines low comissions with DAT-Software. I hear everytime that daytraders do not want to trade with IB because of lack of convenience of Orderentry and therefore not so fast executions. On the other hand they are blaming these DAT-Broker for their high-commissions. Many traders are paying thousands of dollars in a month or two just for commissions. So, equitytrading is offering a DAT-Software like other DAT-Broker and commissions of 7,95$. So, why is nobody writing about them. Are they just unknown or is there something wrong with that company. I am really interested, because everybody is talking of Cyber and MB., but nobody of equitytrading. Perhaps somebody could tell his/her experience with that company.
  2. spam


    why? because you obviously rated yourself 6 times and thus you and your firm can't be trusted. give us a break.
  3. Da Man

    Da Man

    Agreed, Spam.

    Seems strange these guys would give up Realtick and go to lesser products. Wonder what the clients who had to leave Realtick have to say. Anyone?

    Also, there commission plan tells me you pay for what you get. Buyer beware. IB clients better off staying with IB.
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    this is a very intelligent answer. I even do not know this firm, i am from germany and had nothing do to with this company. I am just searching for a new broker, and wanted some feedback. When this is the help and answer you can expect here, then this is the stupiest forum i have ever seen.You should not accuse anybody without knowing the facts. I did not ever read such a silly answer like yours, really. Can you read? I do not think so. If you can read, you would see, that i made a question, not a suggestion. And also i can say: these IB-Hype here really getting suspicious, because i traded already with IB, and not half of the statements here regarding IB is correct.
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    Spam/Da Man--To condemn like this I'm sure you guys have some pretty damn good proof that Patrick is a fraud--would you like to tell us all what it is?????Otherwise I think he is owed an apology.
  6. Da Man

    Da Man


    I don't think there is an apology necessary. While I don't have 'proof', think about this. How many firms are on the Broker Ratings? How many receive good rating? Of those that receive good ratings (and there are many), most are not discussed in daily conversations. Why isn't Patrick talking about them? Seems strange, that's all.

    My guess is in the future with the change that Equitytrading made, they will see more negative posts. I don't have an axe to grind, just want to see a little more truth out there.

    Da Man
  7. patrick


    Why i did not talk about them?

    Oh my god, this is really getting weird, i am not talking of them, because i do not know anything about them besides what is on their website. Therefore i put in the question, if anybody had eperience with them and could tell more, thats all.If nobody had experience, ok, but your answers seems to me like a pre 1st April Joke. Do not understand sense of this forum, really weird.
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    apologies. it was your first post and these guys seem notorious for slandering others and touting themselves via ficticious postings.

    let me rephrase: why? because THEY obviously rated THEMSELVES 6 times and thus THE firm can't be trusted.